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Stop the raid on our precious water supplies: McGuinty

Ontario Liberal Plan will protect water resources

OTTAWA, Feb. 17 /CNW/ - An Ontario Liberal government will stop the
raid on our precious water resources, says Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty.
"We will declare an immediate moratorium on the issuing of new water-taking permits, so we can review Ontario's groundwater supplies," McGuinty said today.
"Only when we are absolutely certain we have enough water for our own province's needs will we issue new permits. And we would make companies that want to bottle or export our water pay for this precious resource."
McGuinty made his comments after the Harris-Eves government gave a Swiss firm the go-ahead to take 4.5 million litres of water each day from the Tay River near Perth.
Ontario Environment Minister Chris Stockwell overruled the province's Environmental Review Tribunal on Friday when he agreed to a request by multi-national company OMYA Canada Inc., which uses the water to make industrial slurry.
"With the stroke of a pen, and against the advice of the government's own body, Ernie Eves has allowed the company to triple the amount of water it removes from the watershed," McGuinty said.
"What better proof could there be that this government is out of steam, out of ideas and out for its powerful friends? Unlike the Harris-Eves government, we value the environment and have a clear plan to protect it."
The Harris-Eves government's reckless giveaway means the company
will be able to ship more water out of Ontario each year than the entire country currently exports in all beverages combined, including water.

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