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Rick James, Part 1
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Carmen Krogh, Part 1
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West Rutland ridge, Little Herrick, Herrick Mountain looking east
Carmen Krogh, Part 3
Carmen Krogh, Part 4
Carmen Krogh, Part 5
Kevin Jones, Part 1
Kevin Jones, Part 2
Top six photos by John Penwarden

Birdseye Mtn, W Rutland ridge, Herrick Mtn looking east
Kevin Jones, Part 3
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Q & A, Part 3
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Vermonters for a Clean Environment's
Wind and Energy Forum
West Rutland, VT 10/22/09

These Green Mountains
Vermont State Song
Robyn Shapiro

Marshall Squier

Welcome from Annette Smith, VCE Executive Director

Siting Wind Turbines to Prevent Health Risks From Sound
Richard R. James, INCE

Can Industrial Wind Turbines Affect Your Health?
Carmen M.E. Krogh, BScPharm

Can Vermont Meet Renewable Energy and Climate Change Goals Without Ridge Top Wind?
Kevin Jones, PhD

Questions and Answers

Presenter Biographies

Richard R. James, INCE

Rick is the Principal Consultant for E-Coustic Solutions, of Okemos, Michigan (  Mr. James is a Noise Control Engineer with over 35 years of experience in addressing Community Noise for post and pre-build manufacturing facilities among other areas of interest.  In this capacity he has worked with companies including: General Motors, Ford, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Anheuser Busch, and Deere and Company as well as many smaller firms to address community noise issues either for existing plants where neighbor’s complaints have led to governmental actions against the firms or in the early stages of Site Planning for new facilities to determine the compatibility of the proposed facility and the existing neighborhood.  Mr. James has conducted studies throughout the U.S. and Europe for his clients.  In addition to his business interests in applying the principles of noise control and measurement to his client’s problems he is an Adjunct to Michigan State University’s Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders and, until recently, a voting member of the American National Standards Institute’s S12 Committee which oversees Acoustical Test procedures used to standardize the work of acousticians and noise control engineers for measuring sound and assessing Land-Use-Compatibility in the U.S.

Carmen M.E. Krogh, BScPharm

 Carmen is a retired pharmacist with more than 40 years of experience in health. She lives near Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada and has made many presentations throughout Ontario about the adverse health effects associated with wind turbines. She is partnered with Lorrie Gillis to conduct the WindVOiCe (Wind Vigilance for Ontario Communities) health survey and organized a victims support group, VOW (the Victims of Wind) whose members are suffering adverse health effects. She is in touch with many victims in Ontario and other areas.

Carmen has held senior executive positions at a major teaching hospital, a professional association and Health Canada. She was a former Director of Publications and Editor-in-chief of the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS), the book used in Canada for prescribing information on medications. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other health care professionals use the book on a daily basis. She was also responsible for several peer-reviewed professional journals; health care related books and other publications, some of which were also peer-reviewed.

Kevin B. Jones, PhD.

Kevin has over 20 years experience in the electric power industry.  Currently, as the Director of Power Market Policy for one of the nation's largest municipal utilities, he manages the utility’s wholesale market operations with the grid operators: New York Independent System Operator, ISO-New England, and PJM.  Kevin plays an active role in regional electric planning activities across the Northeast.  Kevin has previously served as the Director of Energy Policy for the City of New York during the administration of Rudy Giuliani, as an Associate Director of the energy consulting practice of Navigant Consulting, and has taught Managing Energy Issues at RPI's Lally School of Management and Technology.  Kevin got his start in the energy business with Central Vermont Public Service and has previously served four terms as an Alderman in the City of Rutland.

VCE helps raise the voices of Vermonters to demand that corporate neighbors be held to the same standards as anyone and everyone else in Vermont.  We provide facts and information so that people can make informed decisions.

Simulation of Vermont Community Wind Farm LLC's proposal on Hampshire Hollow Road in Poultney

Looking west from Ira VT to Herrick Mountain

W. Rutland ridge, Little Herrick Mountain looking east at Rutland

Looking southeast from Birdseye Mountain to Herrick Mountain

Looking southwest from Chippenhook towards Susie's Peak in Clarendon photo by John Geery

Looking southeast at Susie's Peak to Wallingford and Danby

Susie's Peak. 110 foot tall tower looking east to Rutland airport

Kibby Mountain ME road construction for Transcanada

Lempster NH Iberdrola 2MW Gamesa turbines 396 feet tall

Tararua New Zealand turbine construction

Cohocton NY First Wind 2.5MW Clipper Turbines 420 feet tall
Rutland County -- Ira, Clarendon, Poultney, West Rutland

Wind Projects in Vermont

Orleans County -- Lowell, Albany, Irasburg, Craftsbury
Caledonia County -- Sheffield, Sutton
Chittenden and Franklin Counties -- Georgia, Milton
Windham County -- Searsburg, Deerfield
Wind projects are also proposed for:

Lamoille County

-- Eden --
BNE Energy

Bennington County

-- Manchester --
8 3MW turbines
Endless Energy